Our Vision & Mission

To achieve excellence in every field is the broad vision of SXS. An endeavour to place technocrats on the global map as global citizens. To impart futuristic Technical and Professional education and instill high pattern of discipline and sincerity. To make students aware, technologically superior and ethically strong to lead the Nation

Our mission is to enable the children to be the masters in all spheres of activities that they involve, to feel and empower the magnitude of their inner sight and to shine out the image of God that inherits in their very soul. The school endeavours to instill in the students the need of service to human race , respect and love their fellow beings equally , good manner, courteousness and patriotism.

It also ensures the all level development of its pupils with adequate growth physically, mentally and intellectually and creates in them a keen interest for learning in tune with modern scientific temper. They are also inculcated to do every possible step in building our nation in justice and peace, respecting the dignity of every individual, thus bringing down the ‘Heaven above on the earth. It generates the spirit of selfless service to the weak, abandoned, old and sick and teaches them the art of living together’ with cooperation and understanding with one another and be self motivated to become an agent of needed social changes in our country .

Why Choose Us

We strongly believe in inspiring all to be very best they can be and we have high aspirations for our school community.

Master Smart Classes Available

We look at the school as an integrated learning and do experiments through virtual experiments and master by the Internet, online social collaboration.

Qualified & Experienced Teacher

Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty. Without any doubt, it is the members of the teaching community who impart progress into the students.

Personality Development Classes

Personal development Specializations and courses teach strategies and frameworks for personal growth, goal setting, and self improvement.

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